The Ship's Company of HMS Vimiera
photographed on the deck of HMS
Vimiera in 1941 less than a year before she was mined on 9 January 1942

The Ship's Company of HMS Vimiera

The image size has been reduced for faster display but if a member of your family served in HMS Vimiera you should be able to recognise him and help us build an index
There are 119 men (plus the ship's dog) in the  photograph on the previous page and 125 men in this photograph; Courtesy of Chris Kite

1-xxxxxxx   2-xxxxxxxxx   3-xxxxxxxx
16 -
26 -
45 -
61- unidentified  62- Reg Harris;
104 -
115 -

If a member of your family is in this photograph do get in touch so that we can tell his story on the page about ...
...  the life stories of the men who lived and those who died
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