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Warship Weeks

Wilmslow adopts HMS Winchelsea

Warships Week 7 - 14 March 1942

Between October 1941 and the end of March 1942, Warships Weeks were organised in cities, towns and villages throughout Great Britain.  The intention was to raise a sum by investment or deposit in all types of war savings representing the cost of building one of His Majesty’s ships ranging from the smallest to the largest vessels.  Once the target had been raised the community adopted the vessel along with its crew and the bond was strengthened by presentations in recognition of the money raised. Adoption plaques were presented by the Admiralty to the community and a plaque presented by the community to the adopted vessel. Links were maintained by the writing of letters and the provision of comforts and whenever possible visits were arranged to the adopting area.

Most of the V&W Class destroyers in commission with the Royal Navy were adopted during the Warship Week scheme and in a number of cases local sea cadet units later took the name of the ship. To find more about Warship Weeks see Peter Schofield’s article on ‘National Savings and Warship Weeks’  and the county guide to towns which adopted V & W Class destroyers throughout Britain.

The main purpose  of this web page is to remind the people of Wilmslow of their wartime links with HMS Winchelsea and to try and see that the plaques exchanged by the town and their adopted ship after the success of their Warship Week are treated with respect and can be seen by the public  in an appropriare place such as the Town Hall or Museum. It is also my hope that it will encourage the families of the men who served in Winchelsea to  visit Wilmslow. This can only be achieved with the support of the officers and councillors of the town and by enlisting the support of the wider community through publicity in local media. Please contact me if you would like to help.


Quarry Bank Mill at Styall, Wilmslow
Quarry Bank Mill at Styall, Wilmslow
Photographed by Martin Humphreys
Courtesy of Nstional Trust

Wilmslow is ....

a brief description of Wilmslow

HMS Winchelsea ....

a brief outline of the service of HMS Winchelsea as an interim measure until the ship has her own pages
HMS Winchelsea (D46)

I  am hoping that a naval enthusiast or local historian in Wilmslow will take up the challenge of researching the history of HMS Winchelsea from her first commission in 1919 to going to the breakers yard. For further  details see the guidance given here then contact Bill Forster for more information.

The adoption of HMS Winchelsea by Wilmslow
7 - 14 March 1942

Our main source of informtion about Warship Week in Wilmslow are the articles in the Alderley and Wilmslow Advertiser which covered the lead-up to Warship Week and the follow-up between 1941 and 1947 when the plaques were returned to Wilmslow by the Admiralty anf put on dosplay in Green Hall, the former home of William Paulden (183 - 1918) a large landowner and wealthy draper, which became the Wilmslow Council Ofices. Green Hall was destroyed by fire in 1978 and at present the fate of the plaques exchanged by Wilmslow and HMS Winchelsea after Warships Week in 1942 is not known but must be assumed to have been destroyed in the fire.

Plans  for Warship Week
Winvchelsea is selected
Programme for Warship Week in Wilmslow March 1842 Lord Lt Parade Plaque 1944

Wilmslow's Warship 1947

Where are the Plaques today?

Alderley & Wilmsdlow Advertiser, 4 SAugusdt 1943

If you want to find out more about the wartime service of a member of your family who served on HMS Winchelsea you should first obtain a copy of their service record
To find out how follow this link:

If you have stories or photographs of HMS Winchelsea you would like to contribute to the web site please contact Bill Forster

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