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To see a demonstration page click on link to HMS WOOLSTON from

The “key” to the web site is the list of all the V & W Class destroyers on this page:

This will link to web sites for each ship e.g. look at the link to HMS Woolston:

And to HMS Vimy:

All the web sites are based on a standard page layout and structure.

And combine links to existing content on the Internet with first hand accounts by veterans and the families and unpublished documents in archives.

The focus will be on the stories of the men who served on the V &Ws and the starting point are the articles written by the members of the V & W Destroyer Association and published in their journal Hard Lying but if you have a family member who served on a V & W your first priority should be to record their memories and scan their photographs for the web site

You can help us build a site for a V & W on which a member of your family served
Web editing skills are not required - this will be done for you from the text and pictures you supply
If possible supply text and photographs by e-mail attachment but they can also be sent by post

Content common to all the web sites and where to find it:

Copyright belongs to the photographer who is often unknown
Commercial picture libraries rarely own copyright but still make a charge for use of images so are best avoided

Family photographs
The quality may be poor but photographs taken aboard ship on a box camera are often more interesting than photographs of the ship taken by professionals
E-mail a high resolution scan or post for scanning and return - e-mail Bill Forster (see below) for details
Photographs will be credited and copyright remains with your family

The Imperial War Museum
Most of the photographs in the IWM are Crown Copyright which expires 50 years after they were taken but the IWM extend copyright by claiming new copyright in prints and scans of the original in their collection but some of their photographs are covered by the IWM Non-Commercial Licence and can be used without payment of a fee.
For further details see:
Search by ship name, click to enlarge image and download to your PC (take care to note source and credit).
Pictures are low res and obscured by name of site owner but high res versions can be obtained from Ships Pictures (see below) for a small fee.

Ships Pictures

High res scans can be obtained for V & W ships from this site (3 per image).
V & Ws can be found here:  or by searching (with magnifying glass) by ship name.
Locate the image and e-mail your order to: Peter Swarbrick <>

Wikipedia – all content on Wikipedia is in the public domain (copyright free) in accordance with the Creative Commons:

Whatever the source pictures should be credited, “Courtesy of –“
If scanning photograph lent by a veteran or his family check reverse for copyright owner e.g. IWM stamp
(although Crown Copyright expires after 50 years the IWM may claim copyright in the prints they supply)

Brief survey of ship’s service history
An introduction with links to pages on web site

This is the key as links can be provided from it to more detailed pages on the web site for the ship. You do not need to be an expert on naval history to create a readable history of "your ship" based on reliable source such as or entries on Wikipedia. All that is needed is an ability to write simple plain English.

List of officers

Our recommended online source for the service history of officers:

Here is an example of how to search for officers on the V & W Class destroyer, HMS Woolston:

    "Hms woolston" site:

You can then locate entries on each page with "find woolston" or  Ctrl+F Woolston.

And create a direct link to these entries by copying and pasting -
the URL of the page
followed by a #
followed by last name underscore initials e.g. #Taylor_HA


And e-mail the names and links for the service record of these officers to: venomous at

I shall then post the names with hot links to the entries in on the web site for your V & W destroyer

 Substitute the name of your ship for Hms woolston in the above example

Navy Lists Online from the National Library of Scotland:
eg    [April 1945, Volume 3]

Select desired format e.g. Kindle, PDF, text, etc. but difficult to search.

Hard copies of quarterly Navy Lists at held at the NMM, National Archives, etc.

These are indexed by name and arranged by ship and easy to search and photocopy or photograph with a digital camera on copying stands (provided at the NA, Kew)

Personal stories of the men who served on the V & Ws

The starting point are the stories by veterans published in Hard Lying, the magazine of the V & W Destroyer Association, and republished in 2005 by the Chairman of the Association, Clifford ("Stormy") Fairweather, in the book of the same name. Vic Green, Secretary of the V & W Destroyer Association, is creating separate folders for V & W which feature in the book.

BBC Peoples War Web Site – consent of contributor required
Search by Googling ship name
e.g. "Hms woolston" site:

Published books
Brief extracts can be used if credited, longer extracts require permission

Catalogues of unpublished ms
National Maritime Museum:!asearch
Royal Navy Museum Portsmouth: (currently unavailable)
Imperial War Museum:

Families of the veterans who served on V & Ws
They can often be contacted by Googling ship names or by joining forums such as –
World Naval Ships Forums

Recorded interviews

Bill Forster has recorded interviews with veteran members of the V & W Destroyer Association and you can listen to them on the web page for their ship on the Association's web site
Frank Witton - HMS Woolston
Stormy Fairweather - HMS Westcott
Ron Rendle - HMS Wishart
Peter Scott - HMS Wolfhound
Bill Perks - HMS Walker
Mick Barron - HMS Westminster
John Waters - HMS Wakeful
Albert Foulser - HMS Walker

Why not interview your family friend or relative yourself and send the digital recording to me on a DVD for adding to the web site?
Or drive him to the next reunion of the V & W Destroyer Association so that I can interview him and he can meet fellow veterans
  Or ask him to tell you his story, write it down and send to me for the web site

Sound Archive of the Imperial War Museum, London: (filter by sound)

Many of their interviews have been digitised and can be listened to online - and we plan to provide links to these interviews from the web page for their ship.

Send me the results of your research as high res JPG and Word.doc for adding to the ship’s entry on the V & W Destroyer Association’s web site
And if you have any questions do get in touch with Bill Forster

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If you have stories or photographs you would like to contribute to the web site please contact Bill Forster or Vic Green