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Who are these men?

Tom Field, stoker on HMS WIshartThese photographs were posted on the Forum by "Gav Mac" and Kelly Porter. Forums like this are a very useful way of contacting persons with a shared interest but can be very frustrating as it often proves impossible to contact somebody who posted several years ago and then never revisits the site to view a personal message or a post requesting further details. Sadly, the Forum was closed by the host in 2018 for reasons of data privacy.

As a result I know very little about these photograph but have now been contacted by Gavin McLoughlin ("Gav Mac"), the grandson of Tom Field on the left and in the white singlet in the photograph below. Gavin tells me that Tom Field served throughout the war in HMS Wishart and was known as "Gracie" Fields after the actress and singer, Gracie Fields. Tom Fields (1919 - 79) was born and died in Birmingham and returned to his former job in a brick makers factory in Weoley Castle after the war. I am hoping his family will be able to tell me more about his wartime service in HMS WIshart.

The other photographs were posted on the Forum by Kelly Porter who has also been in contact with me recently. They belonged to her Grandfather, Alf Rhodes, and include some of his shipmates: F. Newbury, Townsend, Hinton, "Gracie" Fields, Barnes, Wilke, Stone, Clifford and Gent. If your name is listed here or you had a family member who served in HMS WIshart do get in touch to tell his story on this web site.

Stokers on HMS WishartDhobying aboard Wishart
Left: Stokers on Wishart, Tom Fields (front, wearing white singlet), Townsend, Winton, Fields, Barnes and Wilke. Right: dhobying aboard Wishart.
Some of the faces in the photograph on the right resemble those on the left but who are they?

Unknown rating on HMS WIshartUnidentified rating on HMS Wishart

On the Mess DeckTwo ratings on deck

Taken aboard HMS WishartUnidentified rating on HMS Wishart
The photographs are provided courtesy of Kelly Porter and Gavin McLoughlin whose Grandfathers, Alf Rhodes and Tom Field, were stokers on HMS Wishart
Alf Rhodes, Kelly Porter's Grandfather, is the man on the right in the picture on the left
If you can provide more information please get in touch now.

The ship's company of HMS Wishart
The Ship's Company of HMS Wishart
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The photograph was probably taken after her refit and recommissioning in September 1941 when Cdr. Humphrey Gilbert Scott, RN was appointed CO
The photographs were provided by  Kelly Porter and
Gavin McLoughlin
whose Grandfathers, were stokers on HMS Wishart.
Can you recognise any of these men?

If you have stories or photographs of HMS Wishart you would like to contribute to the web site please contact Bill Forster

If you want to find out more about the wartime service of a member of your family who served on HMS Wishart you should first obtain a copy of their service record
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