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HMS Witherington D76
HMS Witherington
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Battle Honours

Commanding Officers - from

Lt.Cdr. Geoffrey Cecil Fryer, RN (31 July - 4 Dec 1939)
Lt.Cdr. Jack Barrington Palmer, RN (4 Dec 1939  - April 1941)
Lt. William Edward Cranston Fairchild, RN (April - 23 Oct 1941)
Lt. Richard Horncastle, RN (23 Oct 1941 - Aug 1942)

Lt.Cdr. Robert Basil Stewart Tennant, RN (19 May 1943 - mid 1944)
Cdr. Charles Graham Thompson, OBE, RN  (Aug - 2 Oct 1942)
Lt.Cdr. Marcus Henry Reginald Crichton, RN  (2 Oct 1942 - 19 May 1943)

Officers - change!

Sub Lt William G Andrews  (2 February 1918 -
Sub Lt Frederick Ayers RNVR (13 February 1918 -
Lt John H. Cobby RN (4th December 1918 -
Lt Frank A Hall RN (28 January 1918 -
Lt Cdr Eng  George Oswald RN (22nd November 1917 -

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